Our Company

The name Lomme Immobilier is synonymous with luxury real estate. Located in the heart of the Côte Chalonnaise - in southern Burgundy, it is one of the most dynamic luxury real estate companies in the region. The company has built its reputation by selling the most distinguished properties in Burgundy.
Founded by Florian Lomme. The company also has a strong international presence (mainly Europe, Switzerland, United States.)
Lomme Immobilier provides a very high quality service based on passion, integrity and skills. Its clients benefit from personalized services based on skills at the forefront of the luxury market.
Its success is explained by its close proximity to its customers, its understanding of the expectations and needs of its customers, a strong involvement in each of the cases handled and availability 7 days a week.
While most real estate agencies seek to sell more and more property, franchise and hire commercial agents, Lomme Immobilier remains committed to its passion for luxury real estate and the pursuit of high quality service.
The success of Lomme Immobilier is to systematically favor the qualitative aspect of its activity, whether in terms of supporting its clients in their internal recruitment policy. The company has a corporate culture that seeks continuous improvement in their business, the status quo is not enough for them. 
Lomme Immobilier is deeply committed to making a difference in the real estate market.
This dynamic company moving forward into the 21st century will continue to provide a unique lifestyle experience to its customers.
If you want to work with us, your satisfaction will be our priority.